Monday, August 1, 2011

Playing Catch-Up + New Computer!

Hi, fellow bookworms! Long time, no blog. Sorry for the radio silence, but there’s been a few things occupying my time recently:

---The end of the Columbia Publishing Course! I have a doozy of a recap post (Weeks 5 and 6) coming up for you soon.

---Lucy the Laptop kicked the bucket. (She joins Charlotte in my personal computer graveyard. May they rest in peace.) I always said I’d get a Mac when my current Dell died, so here we are. Please welcome Grace the MacBook to the Internet!

---I’m slowly learning my way around this new OS. I had my first one-to-one session with a Mac Genius (shoutout to Cliff!) and asked aggressively silly questions. He was so nice and explained everything I wanted to know. I could get used to this. Side note: The Apple Genius Bar is FULL of adorable scruffy nerds. Ten times better than a regular bar.

---Slight diversion: I’m way too much of a chicken to ever get one, but I love tattoos, particularly the stories behind them. I completely respect/admire people who are thoughtful about their ink and commit to having it on their skin for the rest of their lives. So, I saw one I enjoyed at the Apple store yesterday. A man had the word VERENDUS tattooed on his forearm. After some surreptitious Googling, I found the Latin word translated to “awe-inspiring.” This guy literally has AWESOME on his arm. Awesome.

---While I'm here, I might as well plug my current obsession. I just read Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour, and I’m seriously in love. I’ll do a full review when I get a chance, but this was the best contemporary I’ve read since Anna and the French Kiss. Absolutely the perfect book to read before a big move. The voice is warm, the format is interesting, the story is expertly layered, the pacing is terrific, and the characters won me over completely. More gushing to follow.

Today, I’m getting my first look at the apartment since we signed the lease. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s as perfect as I remember. Hold tight! More to come.

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