Who I'm Reading

The people whose words I peruse on a regular basis:

Twitter (@simplebookworm)
I love getting up-to-date news from authors, agents, publishers, established literary sources, trend-trackers, and regular folks who love to read/write. The current count is at 110, but I’m sure it will continue to grow. (Still can’t believe 109 people, some friends but mostly friendly strangers, want to know what I’m thinking!)

Author Blogs
These people make me wish I were cooler. Maybe then I could be an author. Actually, I’d just settle for being cool enough to hang out with them for an afternoon of tea and awesomeness.
Libba Bray
Neil Gaiman 
Gail Carson Levine
Veronica Roth
Maggie Stiefvater

Agent/Query Blogs 
So smart, these folks! Read 'em and learn.

Blogs of Fellow Bookworms
People whose brains and book reviews I like.

The Employed Booklover
The Majik of Magenta
Read the Book
Wildly Read
Your Move, Dickens