Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reading Roundup!

You might have noticed that SLB simply ain’t what it used to be. With all that’s going on in my life, blogging has fallen by the wayside. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still reading up a storm! If I may make a few recommendations:

---UNWIND by Neal Shusterman (A concept that blew my mind and twists that made me actually yell “NO WAY!” to my empty apartment. Intelligent and eerie dystopia at its best.)

---BEHEMOTH by Scott Westerfeld (The second in a trilogy, this alternate history of World War I is chock full of steampunk goodness. His imagination is a thing of beauty. I also can’t say enough about Keith Thompson’s illustrations.)

---The SONG OF THE LIONESS quartet by Tamora Pierce (A fiercely stubborn female protagonist, a lot of swordfighting, some magic, believable romance, a dash of political intrigue…Ingredients for an epic tale well told.)

---SAY HELLO TO ZORRO! by Carter Goodrich (Can you say cutest picture book ever? My heart melted in a puddle over Mr. Bud and Zorro. I gave a copy to my best friend, my little sister.)
How adorable are these two? (Click to see it bigger.)
I’ve also finished some incredible stuff from the authors on my editor’s list. You have no idea the awesome that’s coming your way…Emotion, suspense, humor, and, of course, kissing! You’ll definitely be hearing more about these books on Twitter as their release dates come closer. (I’m @simplebookworm, remember?)

In non-S&S news, I devoured FOREVER and THE SCORPIO RACES by Maggie Stiefvater (Scholastic) and I’m starting in on DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth (HarperCollins) next.

I’m busy and happy. What more could I ask for?


  1. Sounds like you have a great reading list! Tamora Pierce's Tortall-set books are some of my favorites-ever! Is it your first time reading the series?

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on THE SCORPIO RACES (mine were mixed:

    And I'm so glad you're reading DIVERGENT--it's so so good (although I might be a bit biased!).

    Happy reading!

  2. It was indeed my first time! I can't believe it, as they're right up my alley. (Um, hello THE BLUE SWORD and The Enchanted Forest Chronicles!) I do wonder what it would have been like reading at 11 or 12. I had the love interest figured out in the first book. :)

    Mine too! I didn't love it the same way I loved SHIVER, but I didn't love the rest of the series as much as I loved SHIVER either. Of course, her prose is lovely all around.

    I'm so jazzed about DIVERGENT. Will report back!